Garage Door Spring Repair in Brookline, MA

Purchasing a new garage door, whether it is a new garage door in Brookline, new overhead door in Worcester, or even a new garage opener in Quincy, is something that you shouldn’t do more than once every 20-50 years. If you invest in purchasing a high quality garage door, not only that you will get a garage door that will stay with you for a long time, you will also get a garage door that you will feel its quality every time you are going to use it.

Same Day Spring Repair in Brookline, MA

When it comes to the condition and general functionality of your garage door, there’s no component quite as important as your spring. Without a functional spring, you’ll soon find it increasingly difficult to open your garage. Regardless of how often you use the entry point, if your spring isn’t up to the job then you could be causing unnecessary damage to your doorway – and there will be a time where this goes from a nuisance to danger. Springs comprise of a variety of unique components, and each of them are responsible for a particular activity. If a single component suffers damage, wears away, or isn’t able to function as intended, then it won’t be long before the problem spreads. Even the washers are incredibly important as far as wear and tear is concerned, and the better option would be to have your spring repair taken care of by a professional in Brookline, MA.

Choosing Our Garage Spring Repair Services

Each of our garage door repair experts are well versed in the art of repairing, maintaining and replacing faulty door springs. If you’ve noticed that your spring makes noise when you open your garage, or if it clunks or refuses to move past a certain angle then you could definitely benefit from our maintenance services.

We can promise to turn up at a time that suits you, before evaluating the condition of your garage door spring and taking the necessary measures to return it to full functionality.

  • An on the spot repair if any components have suffered with damage or deterioration
  • A professional Garage Spring Replacement if your spring is beyond any potential for repair might mean:
  • A brand new spring fitting, especially if your garage door is new


As complicated as springs can be, we know all of their unique components well and can repair each one with ease. We’ll fit new components on the spot, and we can even help you to put together your own DIY kit if you’ve recently purchased one. If you’re keen to get started and want the most reliable team of spring repair experts in Massachusetts, then simply give

We could be with you in no time at all and your spring will be back to full functionality in a our team a call today to book our services. matter of hours. Get in touch with us right now for a no obligation quote.

Garage Door DIY

If you understand the garage door mechanism, and the way overhead doors in Brookline operate, and you decided to go ahead and replace the snapped torsion spring by yourself and nor using garage door expert in Quincy for do the spring replacement for you, make sure that you have the right spring for the door, and when we say the right spring, we mean the exact one and not a spring which is almost the right one, or that you hope that will make the door work. We witnessed many cases of people who used the wrong springs for their overhead door in Brookline, and a door of few hundred pounds simply “jumped” or crashed down into the ground.

Some of the garage door parts, like cables, springs hinges and other parts are under a lot of tension, and that makes them dangerous. After servicing overhead doors in Brookline MA, we have the experience to locate the broken or the problematic part, and we know how to low the tension and repair the problem, but you may not have such an experience in servicing overhead doors in Brookline, and removing the wrong part, or losing a screw when there is still tension on the door can result with serious injuries. There are right ways to replace broken springs in Brookline, and trying to perform the spring replacement in Brookline with the wrong tools can be dangerous.

Why the garage door spring snapped?

There are many possible reasons why spring of garage doors in Brookline snap, and they apply to all garage doors, whether it is a garage door in Framingham, or a garage door repair in Lynn there are some of the possible reason:

  • Lack of maintenance: Most of the time when we arrive to a customer’s place in Brookline MA to inspect the door, we find that it has been few years since the door was maintained. When you do not lubricate your garage door in Brookline at all, you are speeding the process of the parts wearing, and so for the springs.

It is recommended to lubricate overhead doors in Brookline once every 6 months. It is a short process, which not only improve the way the door works, but also protect the parts of the door. Maintaining your overhead door in Brookline will ensure the smooth and safe operation of your overhead door.

  • Usage of the door: Some garage doors in Brookline are being used once a day, some are being used 20 times and more. How often you are using your overhead door in Brookline, affect the springs and the door. The more the door is being used, the shorter will be the life cycle of the springs.


  • High quality springs: If your door is made from high quality garage door materials, the parts and the door will last longer. Today there are overhead doors in Brookline that can last for more than 30 years, as long as they are made from high quality materials.

  • Is it the right spring for the door? We sometime find that the springs that were installed on overhead doors in Brookline are the wrong set of springs for the door. Like we explained earlier, every garage door in Brookline has a unique set of springs, and using the wrong spring will eventually result with a stuck garage door.

Garage door spring replacement in Staten Island
Do not ask “Who replace garage springs”since you just found what you are looking for. Just give us a call and we will be there for you today. Fixing overhead garage doors in Brookline MA, whether it is a broken spring, extension or torsion, including cables, pulleys, drums etc. is our job. And after years of fixing overhead doors in Brookline , and replacing broken springs, we know which springs are most likely to snap, and we carry many of them with us, to get your garage door in Brookline back on track with new springs ASAP.